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Allergy Treatment

At AAAcupuncture, we have great success of clearing all kinds of allergy, including sinus allergy, skin allergy and food allergy.


We applied body acupressure and reflexology to open up all your blocked channels followed with the acupuncture treatment for reinforcement.

Acupuncture works because we’re not treating the symptoms, we’re treating the person.

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We can get to the root rather than the branch of the problem, so to speak.

The theory behind the practice of acupuncture is that energy, called qi, flows through the body along meridians near the surface of the skin.

According to Chinese medicine, qi must be balanced throughout the body. When that energy flow is excessive, deficient, or blocked, your health is disrupted and you can become ill or feel pain. By stimulating these points through acupuncture, the energy becomes regulated and your health is restored.

Ionic Cleanse Detox Program

By using the Ionic Cleanse Detox program right after the acupuncture treatment when all the channels are open and toxins are ready to come out, more drainage of toxins would results than just doing the Detox treatment by itself.

Energetic Nutritional Testing

It will find the “missing piece” to solve your health condition and “make the circle full and complete”, so to speak. Energetic Nutritional Testing is PAINLESS, POWERFUL and PERSONALIZED! Only SAFE, NATURAL and EFFECTIVE tools for treatment such as whole food supplements homeopathy and herbs with dietary and lifestyle changes.

Please refer to our Success Stories page for more information.

Acupuncture Miracles

Allergies & Sinus
I came to Dr. Jenny Lee for severe allergies and sinus problems. I have been on medication and have suffered with sinus problems since childhood, for almost 40 years. In recent years my allergies have become more severe. I suffered with daily signs of burning eyes, profuse mucus, and pressure behind the eyes. I took Clariton D (24Hr) and it might help only for 8 hours. By MD’s I was given prescriptions and OTC remedies, and this still didn’t work after all these years. I recently saw a show on The Discovery Channel that showed ION Cleanse and I found the Healing Lab offered this service through their website. Since my first acupuncture treatment and ION cleanse I have had no allergy symptoms and I have not had to take medication.

Joe Zanini

Allergies and Knee Pain
I came to AAAcupuncture in 2004 with right knee pain. I had two surgeries in 1985. The pain was bad in the cold and during winter time. My sinus allergies have also been bad everyday for the last twenty years. The allergies are so bad that sometimes I can¢t breathe. This was the first time I am having an acupuncture treatment. Having Jenny working on me has been a God sent. I have felt better and my pain in my knee has been gone. My knee doesn’t swell up or lock up anymore. I have had little to no pain in my right knee after two or three years now. My sinus allergies have seldom reacted for three years as well. I don’t need to take a sick day anymore and now can enjoy being a photographer now. I am glad I came to have this done on me.

Bill Young

Sinus Congestion and Irritable Bowel Syndrome
I found out about the Clinic through local colleges and thought I would give it a try in March 2007. I have pretty bad IBS occurring daily for the last 15 years and a sinus problem that includes a stuffy nose worse at night for 20 years. I’ve had surgery through the mouth to open up my sinus which left me bleeding for days after the surgery. The sinus has not completely cleared and the doctors now recommend having another surgery done.

Now after just five acupuncture treatments, one ion-cleanse, and one nutritional response testing with herbal remedy, my sinus has completely opened up and I no longer need a second surgery. My IBS has also improved and diminished significantly.

Helge Kristensen

Allergies and Asthma

A friend, who benefited greatly, referred me to the Healing Lab. I had very severe allergies and asthma because of environmental conditions. I was tired a lot and had very low energy levels, specially in the afternoon. In addition to having stiff and achy joints, neck and lower back pain, I would have frequent headaches and sinus congestion. For my neck and lower back pain, I would have regular chiropractor visits for adjustments. To treat my other symptoms, traditional western doctors would continually prescribe medicine and have me take over the counter drugs. Since I did not want to take any more western medicine and wanted a natural approach to healing, I went to see Dr. Jenny Lee. I suffered with my symptoms until I received treatments from Dr. Lee with acupuncture, ion cleanse, and nutritional response testing. Within the first two weeks, my allergies cleared up and my energy level was up and steady throughout the day. Within the first week, there was clarity of mind and sinuses. I have not needed to see a chiropractor nor a western doctor since seeing Dr. Lee.

Henry J.

Asthma, Allergy, and Low Blood Cell Count

Since my dad had great results with Dr. Lee, he brought me in to see her. I am ten years old and I have had low blood cell count, asthma, and allergies for most of my life. When I run at school during P.E., I would be short of breath. I was born with a low blood cell count and no neutrophils; meaning my immune system was not working.

I had surgery when I was nine months old to remove a ccam mass, which the doctors found while I was still in the womb, in my lower right lung. I also had pneumonia for three consecutive years. I went to Dr. Lee to get relief for my asthma and allergy and to increase the health of my blood and immune system.

After 2 ½ months of nutritional herbs, supplements, and diet changes I now have more energy in school, at home, and at the gym. I no longer suffered from asthma and my blood cell counts and blood test results are all normal now.

Kirsten J.

ADHD, Allergies, Fatigue, Goiter

I first came to the Healing Lab clinic on July 29th, 2008. I had allergies, as well as rhinusitis, sinusitis for 12 years with the symptoms of constant post nasal drip, cough with yellow phlegm and sore throat. I also have allergic conjunctivitis with the symptoms of red burning stinging and teary secretion for 5 years. I felt that there is a head band like a damp cloth 24 hours a day for the last 10 years. I also suffered from chest tightness, fatigue, brain fog which made me dizzy, no sense of smell. I also experienced stiff joints, my thighs felt like sandpaper and water-hissing sound in my ears. I was diagnosed with ADHD as a kid, and was given Ritalin for 4 years with severe side effect. I also had goiter which is worst in the morning which took me awhile to wake up, but took me an hour at night to fall asleep with night sweats. Sometimes I felt cold with palpitation and short of breath.

The regular medical doctor gave me Flonase, Allegra, and Patanol. Then I found The clinic through computer and phone book.

Through Jenny Lee’s treatment of herbs for 3 weeks, I don’t need to take drugs anymore. No more head band feeling for the first time. I have more energy in the morning, and sleep better at night.

My thinking becomes more clear and sharp, and my weight keeps on going down. I like how I feel now.

Kathryn Wilburn

Allergies; Asthma; Skin patches;
Eczema; Foul Gas

My 9-year-old daughter had allergy problems 4 or 5 years ago and eczema from birth. She scratches in the bottom and thighs and bleeds, leaving black marks. Allergy problems like sneezing, watery eyes from Feb. to Nov. , cannot handle heat leading to wheezing. She also passes very very foul gas.

We came for treatments through KLOK 1170am radio program. My daughter’s sneezing and watery eyes stopped after the first treatment, and gas has reduced tremendously.

We stopped giving her all 3 allergy medications after the second treatment. Her skin allergy is almost gone too.

Harini C. June 26th, 2014

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